Health Care

A healthy body and a good spirit help us to accomplish our goals and dreams and to live a fulfilling and happy life. Most of us take the necessity of health to accomplish these things for granted until we fall ill.

Our clinic will help you recover from your injury and painful condition and re-establish the importance of health and well being.

We are interested in caring for you and eliminating your symptoms (ex. Pain) and we understand that identifying the cause of your symptoms and applying our therapeutic efforts there, we will find true restoration of health.

How do we find the cause of your problem?

Establishment of an accurate diagnosis:

Without an accurate diagnosis thorough treatment is not possible!

Through a detailed history, examination and occasional special testing (MRI, X-Ray, Lab) we will identify:

  • Anatomical disruption (Herniated Disc, Tendon Tear, Osteoarthritis)
  • Musculoskeletal functional loss (inflexibility, weakness, misalignment)
Once the diagnosis is established, 90% of these conditions can be treated conservatively (without drugs or surgery) at our office.

Most medical doctors and some chiropractors focus on treating the symptoms and not address the whole problem. This can keep you in the vicious overload cycle seen below. After tissue injury the joint and muscle are not functioning optimally which lead to a functional biomechanical deficit (i.e. inflexibility, weakness, misalignment), which is the cause of the clinical symptoms. By treating the cause, we can help your body recover from the injury and break out of the vicious overload cycle!

Vernon Hills Chiropractic